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Rockstar Revolt - Killer Citrus

Review: Rockstar Revolt – Killer Citrus

Notable for higher caffeine content, the citrus flavor is actually quite good. Smooth overall with a small pucker factor.

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Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Bitter Lemon, & Sparkling Lemon

Review: Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Bitter Lemon, & Sparkling Lemon

Fever-Tree makes a great collection of mixers. But what do they taste like as stand-alone beverages? We give 4 flavors, each featuring ginger or lemon, a review!

Retro Sodas

Kickapoo Joy Juice

Review: Kickapoo Joy Juice

Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus soda in the same vein as Mountain Dew, but sweetened with sugar and stronger carbonated bite. Great taste!


Tradewinds Sweet Tea

Review: Tradewinds Sweet Tea

Tradewinds Sweet Tea won’t set the beverage world on fire, but it will provide you with a tasty sweet tea at an affordable price.

Energy Drinks

Mountain Dew MDX - Official Image

Coming Soon: Mountain Dew MDX (Mountain Dew X)

DewWatch continues! Back in May we reported that Pepsi was test marketing a product under the name of “Mountain Dew X“. Cans were generic and silver. Many folks got to test it via a free signup. Later, samples showed up on eBay. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to check it out. Source: Now […]

Can Holiday Time Machine

2000s Dundee Honey Brown Beer Can

Can Holiday: Don’t Step on a Bee Day – July 10

It’s Don’t Step on a Bee Day! Celebrate with this can of 2000s Dundee Honey Brown Beer.

2006 Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Germany Can from Poland

Can Holiday: Dance Like a Chicken Day – May 14

It’s Dance Like a Chicken Day, where this oom-pah accordion-based song has been a classic staple at weddings, anniversary parties, and festivals since Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland wrote it in the 1950s. We’ve got a 2006 Coke can with a featherless chicken to celebrate… wait, what?