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Sprite 6 Mix

Review: Sprite 6 Mix

Lemon lime meets cherry and orange in this limited edition Sprite flavor extension. It's subtle and pleasantly refreshing… which is something that can't be said for this drink's namesake.

Special Features

Trademarks on Tap - January 2014

Trademarks on Tap: Pepsi True, Caleb's Kola, Coca-Cola Life, Monster Energy Green Light, Peace Love Tea, and more!

We look at trademark filings for Caleb's Kola, Pepsi Smart Fountain, Pepsi True, Sierra Mist Twst, Sierra Mist Sparkling, Sierra Mist Infusions, Sierra Mist Next, Mtn Dew Next, Aquafina FlavorSplash, Coca-Cola Life, Monster Energy Green Light, Peace Love Tea, and Peace Lemonade.

2013 Coke Winter Olympics Can from Russia

Can Olympics: Sticks with Fire

Hockey sticks are needed to keep the blue flame burning on this 2013 Coca-Cola Winter Olympics Can from Russia.

Aquafina FlavorSplash

Design Review: Repositioning of Aquafina FlavorSplash

The all-new branding and packaging of Aquafina FlavorSplash is a huge departure from its previous iteration and looks to target the teen demographic more effectively.

Crystal Light Liquid

Analysis: Kraft's Dual Brand Strategy with Crystal Light Liquid

Kraft sees both MiO and Crystal Light Liquid not as cannibalistic, but complimentary, growing the overall liquid flavor enhancers category. Additionally, the liquid offerings may generate more profit than their existing powder-based products.

Mountain Dew Baja Blast in Cans & Bottles

This Just In: Mountain Dew Baja Blast in Cans & Bottles

As we reported back in March, Pepsi has rolled out a limited time run of Mountain Dew Baja Blast in both cans and bottles.

On the Shelf

Butterfly by Mariah Carey

On the Shelf: Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey. Beverage named "Butterfly". Available at Walgreen's. Insert lame musical puns here.

Design Reviews

Ruby Red Squirt (2011)

Update: Ruby Red Squirt

Ruby Red Squirt has been redesigned to reflect the new logo look & feel rolled out for the flagship drink in late 2010. We're not fans.


Tracy Morgan in MiO Fit's "Anthem" commercial

Analysis: Kraft's MiO Fit Needed More Than 30 Seconds

While MiO Fit's success cannot be judged by commercials alone, this one by Kraft fell short of expectations. All great products fulfill a need; it's just tough to get the right message across with only 30 seconds.

Currently Being Tested

Caleb Bradham created Pepsi

News: Caleb's Cola tested by Pepsi

Pepsi has been market testing a beverage called Caleb's, named after the brand's founder. Positioned as an upscale drink, including sugar sweetener and flavors from the kola nut, spices, and citrus.

From the Archives

Simply Lemonade with Blueberry

Review: Simply Lemonade with Blueberry

Different, fresh, and fruity, this flavor is a tasty departure from standard lemonade mix-in combinations. Highly recommended.

Retro Sodas

76 Lemon-Lime Drink

Review: 76 Lemon-Lime Drink

76 Lemon-Lime Drink is a sugar-sweetened soda that is flavored with real lemon and lime oils. It has a sweeter finish than 7Up and is slightly less carbonated, allowing the taste to really stand out. The vintage 16 oz glass bottle and style add to the pleasant flavor experience!


Tejava Unsweetened Iced Tea

This Just In: Tejava Unsweetened Iced Tea

Tejava is a natural, unsweetened iced tea product from the folks at Crystal Geyser Water Co, featuring "select Java tea leaves."

Energy Drinks

Monster Energy

Review: Monster Energy

This energy drink review highlights Monster Energy, the flagship brand in the Monster family. The color of this beverage was similar to apple juice with a somewhat red tint. As for the taste, think citrus + medicine.

Can Holiday Time Machine

1988 Coke Winter Olympics Can, showcasing 1980 Games

Can Olympics: Do You Believe in Coke Miracles? YES!

U.S. vs. USSR. Olympic Hockey. The Miracle on Ice. It's all here on this Coke can celebrating the 1980 Winter Olympics!

2004 Lipton Green Tea "Tell the Truth" Can from Belgium

Can Holiday: Tell the Truth Day – July 7

To tell you the truth, today we're celebrating with this 2004 Lipton Green Tea Can from Belgium!