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Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

Review: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

For a limited time during Summer 2015, Taco Bell-exclusive flavor Sangrita Blast is available in packaged form. Taste fruit punch-inspired Dew flavor that isn’t overpowering.

On the Shelf

Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Unleaded

On the Shelf: Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy looks to take on Mountain Dew Kickstart. And a caffeine free Monster? What's that all about?

Design Reviews

Ruby Red Squirt (2011)

Update: Ruby Red Squirt

Ruby Red Squirt has been redesigned to reflect the new logo look & feel rolled out for the flagship drink in late 2010. We're not fans.


SodaStream's banned Super Bowl ad

Analysis: SodaStream's Banned Commercial Helps Build Brand Recognition

SodaStream's increased attention resulting from their banned Super Bowl commercial made their $5 million investment worthwhile.

Currently Being Tested

Caleb Bradham created Pepsi

News: Caleb's Cola tested by Pepsi

Pepsi has been market testing a beverage called Caleb's, named after the brand's founder. Positioned as an upscale drink, including sugar sweetener and flavors from the kola nut, spices, and citrus.

From the Archives

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

Review: Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda (2008)

With a name like Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda, you'd hope for a great new take on an apple soft drink. Well, unless you like carbonated Jolly Rancher candy, you aren't going to find it. I had hope for this entry in the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection, but it comes up short.

Retro Sodas

Pig Iron Cola

Review: Pig Iron Cola

Pig Iron Cola is a cane sugar cola from Seattle BBQ restaurant with a flavor profile similar to RC Cola. Good, not great.


Peace Tea Razzleberry Tea

Review: Peace Tea Razzleberry Tea

Peace Tea Razzleberry Tea brings a fresh take on the raspberry tea concept, with a familiar – yet distinctive – berry flavor combination. The sugar & sucralose sweetener combo works well, while lowering the calorie count nicely.

Energy Drinks

Red Bull - The Summer Edition

Review: Red Bull – The Summer Edition

Red Bull breaks with tradition and rolls out a limited time "tropical" flavor, featuring the tastes of papaya, pineapple, and mango. Surprisingly good!

Can Holiday Time Machine

2006 Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Germany Can from Poland

Can Holiday: Dance Like a Chicken Day – May 14

It's Dance Like a Chicken Day, where this oom-pah accordion-based song has been a classic staple at weddings, anniversary parties, and festivals since Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland wrote it in the 1950s. We've got a 2006 Coke can with a featherless chicken to celebrate… wait, what?

2014 Winter Olympics Can from Russia

Can Olympics: Welcome to Sochi

This 2013 Coca-Cola Winter Olympics Can kicks off our celebration of the Games in Sochi, Russia!