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Rockstar Revolt - Killer Citrus

Review: Rockstar Revolt – Killer Citrus

Notable for higher caffeine content, the citrus flavor is actually quite good. Smooth overall with a small pucker factor.

From the Archives

Jones Soda Gingerbread Man Soda (2007)

Review: Jones Soda Gingerbread Man Soda (2007)

Jones Soda surprises with a holiday flavor that doesn’t prompt me to vomit! Gingerbread Man Soda is actually pretty good. There’s a nice influence of spices, creating a festive feel, much like the long-forgotten Pepsi Holiday Spice. This flavor is part of the 2007 Jones Soda Holiday collection and is only available in 4-Pack packaging.

Retro Sodas

Spring Grove Black Cherry Soda Pop

Review: Spring Grove Black Cherry Soda Pop

Spring Grove Black Cherry Soda Pop tastes like a cherry phosphate from a soda fountain. There’s a strong, sweet “candied cherry” flavor, though the artificial fruit taste has its drawbacks. Recommended for those looking for a nostalgic flashback!


Peace Tea Caddy Shack

Review: Peace Tea Caddy Shack

Peace Tea Caddy Shack seems like another clone of Arnold Palmer Half & Half’s successful tea/lemonade combination, but the lemon-based sweetness emphasis makes it differentially good.

Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Lo-Carb

Review: Monster Energy Lo-Carb

If you like the taste of Monster, but don’t want to compromise the flavor by going zero calorie, Lo-Carb is a great option to get your energy drink buzz.

Can Holiday Time Machine

2007 Pepsi Be an Environmental Hero Can

Can Holiday: World Environment Day – June 5

It’s World Environment Day… so you should drink this 2007 can of Pepsi… seriously!

1995 Coca-Cola William P. Casey Can

Can Holiday: Beverage Day – May 6

Celebrate Beverage Day by drinking your favorite beverage while checking out and! You’ll learn more about this 1995 Coca-Cola William P. Casey can.