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Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

Review: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

For a limited time during Summer 2015, Taco Bell-exclusive flavor Sangrita Blast is available in packaged form. Taste fruit punch-inspired Dew flavor that isn’t overpowering.

On the Shelf

Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Unleaded

On the Shelf: Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy looks to take on Mountain Dew Kickstart. And a caffeine free Monster? What's that all about?

Design Reviews

Fresca and Fanta Grapefruit

Design Review: Squirt

Guest reviewer Tim Lapetino is a brand strategist and designer at Hexanine. Today he takes a look at a recent beverage packaging reboot. Dr Pepper Snapple Group has recently given its flagship citrus beverage, Squirt, a facelift, and we're going to look at the new look from a package design perspective. Did DPSG meet its […]


Showgirls win the Coke Chase

Analysis: Coke’s Social Engagement Effort Delivers Mixed Reviews

Despite flawed execution, being able to drive continuous engagement during the Super Bowl – resulting in over 1 million viewers participating online – is no small feat. That itself represents a win for Coca-Cola.

Currently Being Tested

Caleb Bradham created Pepsi

News: Caleb's Cola tested by Pepsi

Pepsi has been market testing a beverage called Caleb's, named after the brand's founder. Positioned as an upscale drink, including sugar sweetener and flavors from the kola nut, spices, and citrus.

From the Archives

Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda

Review: Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda (2008)

Featuring more of an herbal-infused taste instead of the expected cherry or pomegranate flavors, Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda surprises the tastebuds… and that's not a bad thing. This 8 oz. novelty beverage from Jones provides a nice limited-time treat as part of the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection.

Retro Sodas

Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda

Review: Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda

An excellent cherry-cream soda sweetened with real sugar and bottled in glass. Notable cherry flavor makes this a great compliment with food!


Peace Tea Caddy Shack

Review: Peace Tea Caddy Shack

Peace Tea Caddy Shack seems like another clone of Arnold Palmer Half & Half's successful tea/lemonade combination, but the lemon-based sweetness emphasis makes it differentially good.

Energy Drinks

Bing Energy Drink

Review: Bing Energy Drink

I really liked the refreshing cherry taste of Bing Energy Drink. It's the type of drink that you wish more folks knew about because of the unique approach it takes on the category. It's not "scary" like the marketing of a lot of energy beverages, which are very in-your-face and alienate anyone not in the targeted demographic. While I'm not totally sold on the artificial sweetener-influenced aftertaste, it's rather hard to argue with just 40 calories per can!

Can Holiday Time Machine

1990s Panther Brewing Company The Three Stooges Beer Can

Can Holiday: Repeat Day – June 3

It's time to celebrate Repeat Day. It's time to celebrate Repeat Day. It's time to celebrate Repeat Day. To help us mark the occasion, The Three Stooges make a can appearance!

2011 Bubba Cola Can

Can Holiday: National Bubba Day – June 2

Call someone a "Bubba" today. Then crack open this 2011 can of Bubba Cola! You want to be a Bubba too, right?