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Pepsi 1893 - Original Cola

Review: Pepsi 1893 – Original Cola

A marketing-driven product with not enough differentiation from standard Pepsi to be notable. Buy when discounted.

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Diet Coke with Lemon - 20 oz. Bottle

Review: Diet Coke with Lemon

Before there was Coke with Lime, there was Diet Coke with Lemon… which of course, was a direct response to Pepsi Twist. While Pepsi Twist was launched regionally in 1999/2000, Diet Coke with Lemon didn’t show up until the summer of 2001. 20 oz. bottle Oddly enough, Coke only added lemon to their Diet Coke […]

Retro Sodas

Kickapoo Joy Juice

Review: Kickapoo Joy Juice

Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus soda in the same vein as Mountain Dew, but sweetened with sugar and stronger carbonated bite. Great taste!


Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half Strawberry

Review: Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half Strawberry

Strawberry comes to this popular half lemonade & half iced tea concoction. The result? Arnold Palmer goodness gets better!

Energy Drinks

Amp Energy with Green Tea

Review: Amp Energy with Green Tea

We really liked Amp Energy with Green Tea. If you are a tea fan, then this is a drink to check out, combining the unique taste elements with the features of an energy drink. The sweetness of the general Amp Energy flavor counteracted the sometimes bitter experience you get from a tea, but the overall flavor profile blended with with a citrus hint. Thumbs up!

Can Holiday Time Machine

1989 Pepsi Spocott Windmill Can

Can Holiday: Windmill Day – May 10

Get spinning with this 1989 Pepsi Spocott Windmill Can as we celebrate Windmill Day!

2004 Lipton Green Tea "Tell the Truth" Can from Belgium

Can Holiday: Tell the Truth Day – July 7

To tell you the truth, today we’re celebrating with this 2004 Lipton Green Tea Can from Belgium!