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Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

Review: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast

For a limited time during Summer 2015, Taco Bell-exclusive flavor Sangrita Blast is available in packaged form. Taste fruit punch-inspired Dew flavor that isn’t overpowering.

On the Shelf

Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Unleaded

On the Shelf: Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy looks to take on Mountain Dew Kickstart. And a caffeine free Monster? What's that all about?

Design Reviews

Mountain Dew "Sidekick" Bottle

News: PepsiCo's "Sidekick" Bottle for Mountain Dew

Select markets bottle Mountain Dew in PepsiCo's "Sidekick" bottle, showcasing a "grip" shape, smaller label design, and improved shelf branding.


Showgirls win the Coke Chase

Analysis: Coke’s Social Engagement Effort Delivers Mixed Reviews

Despite flawed execution, being able to drive continuous engagement during the Super Bowl – resulting in over 1 million viewers participating online – is no small feat. That itself represents a win for Coca-Cola.

Currently Being Tested

Caleb Bradham created Pepsi

News: Caleb's Cola tested by Pepsi

Pepsi has been market testing a beverage called Caleb's, named after the brand's founder. Positioned as an upscale drink, including sugar sweetener and flavors from the kola nut, spices, and citrus.

From the Archives

Dr. Enuf

Review: Dr. Enuf

A delicious lemon lime soft drink, Dr. Enuf uniquely features caffeine, vitamins, and real sugar-powered lemon flavor!

Retro Sodas

Faygo Rock & Rye

Review: Faygo Rock & Rye

A cherry-infused cream soda with a cream pie-like flavor. Made with cane sugar, this sweet treat tastes great!


Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Review: Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Tasting like an Honest Tea product, this functional beverage from Jones Soda packs a nice combo of black tea, honey, and lemon. Too bad it's discontinued.

Energy Drinks

2010 Adrenalin Energy Drink Can from Hungary

Can Holiday: National Escargot Day – May 24

Zoom like a snail on National Escargot Day! Here's a can of 2010 Adrenalin Energy Drink to help us celebrate.

Can Holiday Time Machine

1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cans

Can Holiday: World Turtle Day – May 23

Party with the "Heroes in a Half Shell" as we celebrate World Turtle Day with this 1991 4-can set featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

2013 Coke Winter Olympics Can from Baltic States

Can Olympics: It Figures

This 2013 Coca-Cola Winter Olympics Can features the number one sport when it comes to television ratings for American broadcaster NBC. Yup, it's figure skating. C'mon, bobsledding is so much better!