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Rockstar Revolt - Killer Citrus

Review: Rockstar Revolt – Killer Citrus

Notable for higher caffeine content, the citrus flavor is actually quite good. Smooth overall with a small pucker factor.

From the Archives

Coke Black Cherry Vanilla

Review: Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

Coke seems creatively dead on so many fronts with this release. This beverage review talks about the failed branding strategy along with the slight hint of the vanilla, but no black cherry flavor.

Retro Sodas

The Pop Shoppe Pineapple Soda

Review: The Pop Shoppe Pineapple Soda

The Pop Shoppe Pineapple Soda is a winner! Great bottle, good carbonation, and fairly good taste. The flavor really does taste like pineapple, however there is a slight syrupy aftertaste produced by the high fructose corn syrup. Overall, we recommend it for those who enjoy fruit sodas.


2004 Lipton Green Tea "Tell the Truth" Can from Belgium

Can Holiday: Tell the Truth Day – July 7

To tell you the truth, today we’re celebrating with this 2004 Lipton Green Tea Can from Belgium!

Energy Drinks

New Amp Energy Original Design

Coming Soon: Amp Energy redesign

Amp Energy gets new packaging and positioning for 2012, focusing on three functional subcategories: Boost, Active, and Focus.

Can Holiday Time Machine

2005 Pepsi Can from Russian Federation

Can Holiday: Star Wars Day – May 4

It’s May 4th… Star Wars Day. “My the Fourth Be With You”… get it? We pull out a 2005 Pepsi Can from the Russian Federation to mark this galactic event!

May Ray Day

Can Holiday: May Ray Day – May 19

Warm up in the sun on May Ray Day. We’re celebrating with two cans, a 2003 May Lemon Iced Tea and a 2005 Pepsi featuring Greg Ray!