Review: Mountain Dew Code Red

So I’m at Wal-Mart the other day and I was waiting in line to checkout, when I saw in the little cooler by the register what looked like a RED Mountain Dew bottle.

“Hmm, that’s odd.”

So I open the door and take a look. It’s some new product called Mountain Dew Code Red. Sort of a cherry Mt. Dew. I purchased it. The checkout lady was like “Mmmm, honey, that stuff is good. I hate Mountain Dew, but can’t get enough of that red stuff.”

Mountain Dew Code Red

I tasted it. Interesting. Think Mountain Dew meets Hawaiian Punch. Not totally a Dew flavor, a little more mild, but still quite tasty. I hadn’t seen any marketing for this product, so I did a little research online. Beverage Digest has this to say:

Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, for example, is the leader in the flavored sector, and the company is trying to grow that brand. Around Memorial Day, Pepsi will introduce Mountain Dew Code Red, a cherry-flavored formulation with a lasting kick on the tongue. And down the road, an Arctic blue version may be tested.