Review: Mountain Dew Blue Shock

It was time to seek out and try the forementioned Mountain Dew Blue Shock. So, after lunch I walked close to a mile to get to the nearest 7-Eleven here in downtown Chicago. I found one under the L tracks on Wells Street. I ordered me one of these blue Mountain Dew Slurpee thingys.

I don’t recommend it.

Mountain Dew Blue Shock

It doesn’t taste like any hint of Mountain Dew at all (then again, it might be argued that Code Red doesn’t either). If it didn’t say Mountain Dew on it, you’d think it was just some sort of berry-flavor or something.

About halfway through the drink, you really get sick of the blue flavor. Tastes very fake.

I probably won’t be ordering it again (then again, I really can’t remember the last time I was actually in a 7-Eleven).