Review: Red Fusion

The other day I was able to find a bottle of Red Fusion. So I bought it and thought I’d give it a taste.

Red Fusion

Upon opening it, it DEFINITELY smelled like Dr Pepper, no mistake about that. It’s colored red, but a darker red, more cola red.

The taste? Frankly, it tasted a lot like Dr Pepper. It didn’t seem very berry or cherry. It was OK, but nothing spectacular. It seemed to have somewhat of a cough syrup flavor to it, but very weak. I don’t think the overall flavor stands out enough to consider a purchase on its own. Someone really botched up this rollout in that department. It needs more flavor.

In fact, the redness seems to be more of a gimmick rather than a flavor in itself. My gut is that everyone is big on these “fad” drinks… Pepsi Twist, Code Red, Blue, etc…. but in the end, what will you sit down and want to drink with your food?

Red Fusion has a nice appearance, and may sell well, but not much there overall.