Coming Soon: dnL

It’s 7Up, spelled upside-down!

dnL - Official Image

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

7Up turned the cola world upside down in 1967 when it introduced its famous “UNcola” marketing campaign, which featured the crisp, clear taste of 7Up in an upside-down cola glass. Today, the makers of 7Up once again have turned the soft drink world upside down with the first delivery of dnL – the flipped version of 7Up that offers consumers a green, caffeinated kick of fruit flavor

dnL Logo - Official Image

Billed as the “upside-down” 7Up and targeted to teens and young adults, dnL is bright green in color, includes caffeine and features a blend of fruit flavors. dnL initially will be available in clear 20-ounce bottles in early November in approximately 60 percent of the country. Beginning in January, distribution of the 20-ounce package will be expanded to the rest of the country. Take-home packaging, including 12-packs and 2-liters, are set to roll out in April 2003.

No matter what it tastes like, I give them HUGE points for the name. Very clever!