Review: Sprite Remix Tropical

Sprite Remix Tropical

Sprite Remix Tropical is a good product. Still tastes like Sprite, but with a nice and fresh “fruitiness” in the flavor. It’s pretty tasty and light. Hate the packaging, but it does taste good.

Coming Soon: Sprite Remix Tropical

Coming Soon: How about a tropical-flavored Sprite? Sprite Remix Tropical is on the horizon. Read the press release about this new beverage.

Review: Mountain Dew LiveWire

After reading that it was coming, I finally tracked down some Mountain Dew LiveWire yesterday. I bought a bottle and my wife and I gave it a try. As much as I’d like to see this product succeed, it just wasn’t that amazing. Frankly, it tastes like Orange Slice with a different aftertaste. There is […]