Review: Sprite Remix Tropical

Back in February 2003, Coke announced that they would be rolling out a flavored version of Sprite called Sprite Remix (later referred to as Sprite Remix Tropical).

Sprite Remix Tropical

According to the press release, “Sprite Remix will feature a new tropical version of the great taste of Sprite and will be launched with a unique graphic treatment of the signature Sprite logo. Sprite Remix gives people another way to enjoy their Sprite,” said Chris Lowe, chief marketing officer, Coca-Cola North America.

Another way to enjoy their Sprite? Um, OK.

Well, I got my hands on some of this Remix stuff last week. I’ve been shying away from caffinated drinks for a couple months now (I’m a light sleeper), so I was excited about the idea of another non-caffinated flavor option… I think Sprite Remix is a good product. Still tastes like Sprite, but with a nice and fresh “fruitiness” in the flavor. It’s pretty tasty and light. I’m not a big fan of the packaging, but it does taste good.