Coming Soon: Jones Soda Turkey & Gravy Soda

I’m not making this up!

Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2003

Jones Soda Co to Launch New Jones Soda Flavor

November 12, 2003

Seattle, WA, U.S.A. – Jones Soda Co, announces today that it will introduce a new seasonal flavor in its popular Jones Soda line – Turkey & Gravy flavored beverage.

In time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Jones Soda will launch a limited production of the sugar-free and no carbohydrate Turkey & Gravy flavored beverage in the Washington and Michigan markets.

“We are really excited about the limited test launch of our new flavored Turkey & Gravy beverage. This seasonal flavor allows us to enter a new market segment, the meal replacement market. The new flavor will also appeal to new consumers, those who prefers a savory type flavor to the traditional soda flavors,” says Peter van Stolk, President & C.E.O. “With consumers becoming more and more health conscious, Jones Soda’s Turkey & Gravy flavored beverage is a zero calorie and zero carbohydrate beverage that can be served warm or cold with a full flavor that will meet and will exceed our customer’s expectation.”

A review over a had this to say about the product:

Jones Soda’s Turkey & Gravy soda is one of the strangest things we’ve ever tasted. First of all, the product uses an interesting formulation that contains a variety of ingredients rarely (if ever) seen in beverage products and it’s zero carb/calorie. Not to mention that we’ve never had turkey and gravy that was carbonated and sweetened with Splenda ;). Anyway, the product’s aroma definitely smells like turkey and gravy, but the flavor is another story. The taste is noticeably salty and has a mild sweetness to it. There is a slight “turkey & gravy”-like finish to the product, but the addition of carbonation and sweetness generally hide the taste otherwise. Honestly, it was pretty hard for any of our testers to keep from spitting the product out. So is this product a failure? No, not at all. We have to give Jones Soda credit for putting this product out there purely to create buzz — and they definitely succeeded on that front. The real challenge is yet to come — can Jones turn this buzz into something that helps energize the brand and gets consumers to buy more of the product? The potential is there, but only time will tell. Overall, we give this product good marks for creativity and execution, but we really hope meat flavored beverages don’t become a lasting trend

Would you ever dare to try this product? Maybe drink this first and then have some Snapple Pie for dessert!