Update: Mountain Dew LiveWire

For those of you who liked Mountain Dew LiveWire during its limited time run last summer, this just in from Beverage Digest:

Pepsi is likely to bring back orange-flavored Mountain Dew LiveWire this spring

Personally, this stuff didn’t taste very good.

Mountain Dew LiveWire - Official Image

In a January 23 editorial, the folks at Beverage Digest had more to say on the move by Pepsi to rollout the LiveWire experiment. It would appear that the beverage did prompt sales of orange-flavored drinks across the board.

Growth was largely due to successful introduction of Pepsi’s Mt. Dew LiveWire, which is classified in this data as orange. Pepsi, however, takes issue with that categorization. Pepsi executive: “With all due respect to your data, Mountain Dew LiveWire is not an orange soda. It’s an inimitable new Dew, combining the unique formula of base Mountain Dew with a bold orange flavor.”

Um, whatever. It’s orange.