Review: Pepsi Edge

Pepsi Edge

After my negative experience with Coca-Cola C2, I had a lot more hope for Pepsi Edge. Like Coke’s product, this beverage is targeted at the low-carb market, heralding “full flavor – 50% less sugar.” First off, I must admit I’m a Pepsi fan at heart; I’ve always enjoyed the “runner-up” beverage when given a choice. […]

Review: Coca-Cola C2

Coca-Cola C2

As I was driving home from a meeting yesterday, I noticed a gas station advertising that they had one of the new “low-calorie, low-carb” beverages of the summer, Coca-Cola C2. Given my interest in new drinks, I pulled over and decided to try it. According to Coke, the name “C2″ is “short-hand for our basic […]

Review: Sprite Remix Berryclear

Sprite Remix Berryclear

From the beverage review: “Berryclear still has the burp factor like Sprite Remix Tropical, but it’s less like Hawaiian Punch and more like a cherry/grape flavor. It’s still decaffeinated, which I appreciate.”

Review: Cherry 7Up

Cherry 7Up

Cherry 7Up is a unique beverage that really hasn’t been duplicated by other brands. It’s clean taste, subtle cherry flavor, and complimentary nature make it a winner!