Review: Sprite Remix Berryclear

Last year, Coke released a new version of Sprite called Sprite Remix. This happened to be a Tropical flavor that tasted fruity, yet still had the light, Sprite feeling. Well, Tropical has been discontinued and replaced with a new flavor: Berryclear.

Sprite Remix Berryclear

I liked Tropical a lot, however it did make me burp quite a bit. Berryclear still has the burp factor, but it’s less like Hawaiian Punch and more like a cherry/grape flavor. It’s still decaffeinated, which I appreciate.

What happened to Sprite Remix Tropical?

The one problem I have, however, is this continual idea of manufacturers rolling out a beverage, trying to build an audience, and then pulling the rug out from underneath it. It happened for Pepsi Blue. Then Sprite Remix Tropical. It will probably happen to Red Fusion. From what I’ve read, Tropical Remix actually stole sales away from the core Sprite brand, and that might have been a reason it went bye-bye. Sprite is so bland, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Berryclear gets a thumbs up!