Review: Coca-Cola C2

As I was driving home from a meeting yesterday, I noticed a gas station advertising that they had one of the new “low-calorie, low-carb” beverages of the summer, Coca-Cola C2. Given my interest in new drinks, I pulled over and decided to try it.

Coca-Cola C2

According to Coke, the name “C2″ is “short-hand for our basic promise: ½ the carbs, ½ the cals, and all the great Coca-Cola taste. Ultimately, it is a reflection of Coke C2′s sense of modernity and optimism together with the authenticity and realness of Coca-Cola.” Man, whoever wrote that must have gotten paid well. What the heck is a sense of modernity? Frankly, I think C2 is a dumb name… seems too high-tech for a beverage. Maybe they should have called it “Atkins Freak Coke” or something.

Coca-Cola C2 Sticker

But I know that you all want to know about the taste. Whereas Coke uses corn syrup, and Diet Coke uses aspartame, C2 uses a blend of corn syrup and 3 sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose and Ace-K). It tastes good at first, just like the “Real Thing”. However, it’s the aftertaste that will get you. Still tastes like Diet Coke in the end. Not quite the same, and not quite as bad, but it’s there. You can tell this is a fake.

I predict this product will crash and burn within 2 years.