Review: hiOsilver Oxygen Water

Not too long ago, a sales representative was at our health club giving out free bottles of hiOsilver Oxygen Water. She handed me the bottle when I walked in, stating “drink this… it will give you more energy!” Um, OK.

hiOsilver Oxygen Water

According to the packaging, this water is superior to others because it’s in glass bottles, which retain the oxygen better than plastic bottles. Supposedly oxygen “leaks” from plastic. Other claims about this product include:

  • 10 times the oxygen of ordinary water
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Extra energy every day
  • High in magnesium for cardiovascular health
  • pH 8.4, naturally alkaline
  • Made with artesian spring water
  • For fresh breath & healthy gums

These claims were pretty substantial (especially the one about fresh breath!) for a beverage that lists ingredients simply as “spring water and oxygen.” So, what did I think of it?

Well, it tastes like tap water that was poured into a glass bottle. Not even good Chicago tap water… more like lame well water from some place in the middle of nowhere. And it makes you visit the bathroom quite a bit. There’s no way I’d buy or use this product again. And given the unprofessional look of the company’s website, it’s hard to take them seriously.

(Now if I die later today, you’ll all know what I drank to cause it!)