Review: Fanta Orange

Fanta Orange

Following up my experience with Fanta Strawberry, I decided to give the flagship Fanta Orange a try. The funny thing is that I got this bottle of Fanta free thanks to the bottle cap on my Fanta Strawberry. I won a free bottle of Fanta, so I thought I’d keep the cycle going by moving […]

Review: Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Over the weekend, I got my hands on a bottle of the latest “limited edition” entry into the Mountain Dew product line, Mountain Dew Pitch Black, which we first discussed here and here. If you liked Pepsi Blue, you are probably going to like this soft drink. Depending on how you count, Pitch Black is […]

Coming Soon: 7Up Plus: Mixed Berry

7Up Plus: Mixed Berry - Official Image

Looks like a new low-carb related beverage is arriving from the folks who make 7Up (which is Cadbury Schweppes). The product is called 7Up Plus. It’s officially rolling out August 28. Some info I was able to find about the new beverage… Official “spin”: 7 UP PLUS, a new carbonated beverage, is making a splash […]

Coming Soon: Pepsi Holiday Spice

Pepsi Holiday Spice - Official Image

You heard it here first, courtesy of a story in Beverage World…. Pepsi to Launch Limited-Time Spooky, Jolly Line Extensions August 5, 2004 (Pepsi-Cola North America) Capitalizing on the success of its first limited-time soft-drink offering, Mountain Dew LiveWire, Pepsi-Cola North America (PCNA) today announced that it will launch two new soft drinks this year […]