Review: Fanta Orange

Following up my experience with Fanta Strawberry, I decided to give the flagship Fanta Orange a try.

Fanta Orange

The funny thing is that I got this bottle of Fanta free thanks to the bottle cap on my Fanta Strawberry. I won a free bottle of Fanta, so I thought I’d keep the cycle going by moving on to another flavor!

My hopes were that this would taste like Orange Slice or Orange Crush… but it didn’t. Frankly, it had a very fake taste to it. The orange-flavoring wasn’t authentic at all. Maybe it was the heavy use of corn syrup for sweetness (instead of plain old sugar). I don’t really know.

It wasn’t a horrible drink, but it really wasn’t that great either. Let me put it this way… if I’m staring at a bunch of soft drink options and Fanta Orange is one of them — I’ll probably pick something else.

Incidentally, I didn’t win another bottle of Fanta with this bottle cap. :(