Review: 7Up Plus – Mixed Berry

In the words of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, “Worst soft drink ever!”

7Up Plus Mixed Berry

7Up Plus Mixed Berry

If you could take the word “rancid” and turn it into a flavor, it would probably taste just like 7Up Plus. Frankly, a dehydrated man in the desert wouldn’t drink this if they were dying from thirst! (OK, maybe not that bad, but my mouth still hasn’t forgiven me after trying it).

Before tasting it, I had a little hope for this beverage, having been encouraged by the little background information I read ahead of time. Based on the original formula of 7Up, the makers simply replaced the sweetener with Splenda and added a mixed berry flavor. On top of that, it contained 5% real fruit juice, calcium, and Vitamin C. The pink color reminded me of Cherry 7Up or Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale, both which I enjoy very much. Even the aroma given off by the drink has a sweet, berry scent.

Unfortunately, those are the only good points about this drink. It not only has a bad aftertaste, it has a bad before- and during-taste as well. I couldn’t even get myself to finish off the bottle. What was 7Up thinking? You are better off drinking a regular 7Up and taking a multivitamin to get the same effect of this drink, but with better taste.

If you care at all about the things you put in your mouth, do not drink 7Up Plus!