Review: Ruby Red Squirt

The original Squirt rolled out in 1938, facing the Great Depression. A man named Herb Bishop came up with the idea of a soft drink that used less sugar. This drink seemed to "squirt" into your mouth, like a freshly squeezed grapefruit. Hence the name, Squirt.

Ruby Red Squirt

The drink took off during World War II because sugar was being rationed. Today, the Squirt brand is now owned by Dr Pepper/Seven Up, a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes in London, England.

I don't know when the Ruby Red flavor rolled out, but I can tell you this… it's good. Upon first opening this beverage, a sweet grapefruit smell emanated from the bottle. It has an attractive red color, just a tad bit lighter than Mountain Dew Code Red.

Drinking it, you realize that this is a uniquely different drink. It has nice bitter taste that you won't find in other fruit-oriented beverages. I don't like grapefruit as a fruit, but I did like this Ruby Red flavor. It actually reminded me a lot of Canfield's 50/50 soda. One other thing this drink has… a very high burp factor! You just can't help yourself. I had a similar experience with Sprite Remix Tropical when it came out last year.

If you can find Ruby Red Squirt (and it's a bit hard to track down), give it a try. It's something different that Coke and Pepsi can't offer.


  1. Bill Armstrong says:

    I'm trying to find out the cafeine concentration in this Ruby Red Squirt. I agree with you that it is really delicious–my favorite. Yet, I usually feel like I've just had a jolt of cafeine and would like to be sure just what the amount is.

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Bill,

    According to The Caffeine Database, 12 oz. of Ruby Red Squirt contains 39 mg of caffeine, which breaks down to 3.25 mg/oz. I hope that helps!

  3. John Schettler says:

    Why is it that I cannot find red squirt in the Springfiels Missouri area

  4. I can't find ruby red squirt anymore. My local stores including wal-mart does not carry it, I just bought some 2weeks ago. It is the onlt soda that I drink, and have for the last 15 yrs. please tell me it is still available!!

  5. Lisa Tyler says:

    I live in Lithonia Ga. and I can not find Ruby Red Squirt anywhere. I'm orginally from Michigan and I could find Ruby Red Squirt next to the regular Squirt all the time. I've asked the local managers at Krogers and Publix if they could stock the drink to no avail. I have evene had the drink shipped from California, but that gets expensive. Who do I need to contact to express my desire to have this item stocked here in the Atlanta, Ga area? I NEED MY RUBY RED SQUIRT.

  6. ELIZABETH says:

    What happen to Ruby Splash Sierra Mist, I cannot find this drink anywhere. I live in Union City, CA, zip 94587. Please tell me where this product can be purchased.

  7. I had some today and it tastes okay.


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