Coming Soon: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

The official spin:

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is the first member of Dr Pepper’s “Fountain Classics” line of beverages. Recognizing that line extensions generally don’t create lasting sales, this new line will feature limited run flavor extensions to the Dr Pepper brand. Also, Dr Pepper recognizes that Diet Dr Pepper is the strongest member of its brand — so Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper will lead the way. As for the rollout, these two flavors will launch in the Dr Pepper “Heartland” on October 15, 2004. The diet variety will go national on January 15, 2005 while the regular variety will have a limited 75 day run outside of the Heartland.

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper - Official Image

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper - Official Image


This is about all I know about this beverage. Seems like it’s a limited edition rollout in targeted markets. Hopefully we see it in Chicago, as my wife LOVES Dr Pepper. I was a fan of the last Dr Pepper extension, Red Fusion, so it will be interesting to see what this tastes like.