Review: Orange Slice

Orange Slice

After trying Coke’s current entry into the orange soda market (Fanta Orange), it was time to give Pepsi’s Orange Slice a fair shot. Slice used to be the main “fruit” brand for Pepsi, coming in orange, lemon lime, apple, strawberry, and other flavors (similar to how the Fanta brand is used today). When all of […]

Coming Soon: Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2004

Remember Turkey & Gravy Soda last November? Well, we’re in for some fun new flavors this year: Company Again Touting Weird Soda Flavors Mon Nov 8, 3:42 PM ET By Allison Linn, AP Business Writer SEATTLE – Jones Soda Co. takes the idea of a liquid diet to a new low. How does Green Bean […]

Review: Pepsi Holiday Spice

Pepsi Holiday Spice

Back in August I learned that Pepsi would be rolling out a limited edition beverage for the Christmas season. They seem to be doing a lot of short-term ideas as of late, including Mountain Dew Pitch Black (Fall 2004) and Mountain Dew LiveWire (originally Summer 2003, now available full-time). What really puzzled me, however, was […]

Coming Soon: Sierra Mist Free

Sierra Mist Free - Official Image

Apparently, Pepsi didn’t want to be left out in the cold while Coke was renaming Diet Sprite to Diet Sprite Zero. How lame. Diet Sierra Mist achieves freedom; becomes Sierra Mist Free New Graphics To Hit Shelves This Week PURCHASE, N.Y., November 1, 2004 – The “shockingly refreshing” lemon-lime taste and formula are the same, […]