Review: Fanta Citrus

On a recent trip down to Nashville, TN, my wife and I came upon two beverages that were not available in the Chicago area. One of these was Fanta Citrus — and it was quite an eye-opener.

Fanta Citrus

As I’ve mentioned before, the relaunch of the Fanta brand in the United States has been somewhat disappointing to me as a pop fan, mainly because all the flavors I’ve been able to find don’t taste very good. Fanta Citrus is different. It’s actually a refreshing tasting soda. That’s probably because at its core, it’s not really a Fanta.

Citra - Official Image

Earlier this year, Coke decided to rename their existing Citra beverage to Fanta Citrus. The primary competitor to this product is Cadbury Schweppes’ Squirt (and I guess, by extension, Ruby Red Squirt). Overall, the taste is light, with a little more bite than your standard lemon-lime drink. It does taste like it has an influence of grapefruit, which I like very much.

Fanta Flavors - Official Image

Beyond that, the drink not only tastes good by itself, but with a meal as well. The flavor is very complimenting without overpowering the other tastes you may encounter. I just wish I was able to find this flavor locally. There are so many seemingly tasty looking flavors of Fanta out there (including Peach, Black Cherry, and Apple), yet we are stuck with rather boring ones here in Chicago.