Coming Soon: Vault

Coke just doesn’t give up when it comes to trying to battle Mountain Dew. First Surge. Then all the Mello Yello flavors. The latest:

Coke might launch a Mountain Dew-like drink called Vault, the newsletter Beverage Digest reported Friday. Vault would be a successor to Coke’s failed Surge, a Mountain Dew wannabe that debuted in 1997 only to virtually disappear by the fall of 2002.

Over the first nine months of 2004, Mountain Dew was the only major non-diet brand that grew in sales. In 2003, Americans bought 638.7 million cases of Mountain Dew, making it the fourth-most-popular brand in the country.

Pepsi expressed little concern about the possibility of another Mountain Dew-ish product from Coke. “We’ve seen this movie before, and it’s a horror show,” declared spokesman Dave DeCecco. “No one else can do the Dew.”