Review: Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke

OK, so Vanilla Coke is nothing new. It’s been out for quite a while, launched in May 2002. And it sold like hotcakes, being Coke’s #1 product that year. They quickly launched a diet version… and Pepsi Vanilla followed a year later. Old Logo Design And frankly, Vanilla Coke tastes pretty good. Personally, I wish […]

Review: Coca-Cola with Lime

Coca-Cola with Lime

In January, Coke announced that they would be rolling out a flavor extension of their flagship brand: Coca-Cola with Lime. (One month later, Pepsi announced they would come out with Pepsi Lime to battle Coke’s new offering). Recently, both makers had gone through the Lemon Battle (Pepsi Twist, Diet Coke with Lemon), the Vanilla Battle […]

Coming Soon: Diet Coke with Splenda

Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda - Official Image - Bottle

So this is interesting. Coke is rolling out an alternate Diet Coke, just with a different sweetener. Coca-Cola Announces Plans To Launch Diet Coke Sweetened With Splenda; New Line Extension Will Be Offered In Addition To Diet Coke ATLANTA, Feb. 7 — Coca-Cola North America today announced that it will introduce Diet Coke Sweetened with […]

Coming Soon: Pepsi Lime

Pepsi Lime - Official Bottle Image

Following up Coke’s announcement of Coca-Cola with Lime, it was time for Pepsi to throw their hat into the ring. From a Reuters article: Pepsi to introduce lime-flavored soda Posted 2/4/2005 12:00 PM NEW YORK (Reuters) — PepsiCo plans to introduce two lime-flavored carbonated soft drinks in a bid to match a similar offering from […]

Review: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

“It smells pretty much like the original Dr Pepper. And that first sip? Not bad,” we write in this beverage review. “It’s predominantly the traditional Dr Pepper flavor, however the aftertaste is noticeably different.”