Review: Vanilla Coke

OK, so Vanilla Coke is nothing new. It’s been out for quite a while, launched in May 2002. And it sold like hotcakes, being Coke’s #1 product that year. They quickly launched a diet version… and Pepsi Vanilla followed a year later.

Vanilla Coke

Old Logo Design

And frankly, Vanilla Coke tastes pretty good. Personally, I wish it had more vanilla flavoring, which I think is why I prefer the Pepsi version a bit more. In fact, the Pepsi version stole a little of Coke’s thunder and as of late, sales of Vanilla Coke have leveled off. It’s no longer the hot and exciting new beverage it once was.

Vanilla Coke

New Logo Design

That’s why in late 2003/early 2004 Coke decided to add some new life into the brand by redesigning the packaging. For some reason, they thought that emphasizing the “V” would be a good idea. This was the first of many packaging redesigns for Coke products. As far as I know, the new “V” packaging hasn’t done much to increase sales and buzz about the product.

“V” TV Series

V: The Creepy Series

Frankly, the new logo creeps me out. Why? Because it brings up memories of the 1983-1984 mini-series/TV movie/series called V. I know my dad, being a sci-fi fan, watched the show. But I wasn’t allowed to. However, I remember the scary “V” logo and the chilling theme song… brrrr. Just not good stuff. So personally, I’m not a fan of the new packaging. But I have personal issues!