Review: Sprite Remix Aruba Jam

In December 2004, Coke announced the third installment in their Sprite Remix line extension: Sprite Remix Aruba Jam. At the time, it was rumored to be an orange flavor, however after trying the beverage today, I can tell you that it is not!

Sprite Remix Aruba Jam

Aruba Jam follows two previous Sprite Remix incarnations, Sprite Remix Tropical (2003; fruit punch flavor) and Sprite Remix Berryclear (2004; cherry/grape flavor).

Sprite Remix Tropical

Sprite Remix Berryclear

Sprite Remix Aruba Jam

Whereas the predominant color scheme of Tropical was orange, and Berryclear displayed purple, Aruba Jam plays off a darker red color scheme. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste that unique. It’s probably closer in flavor to Tropical with a fruit punch overtone, but it’s less “fruit punchy,” in my opinion. It’s perhaps the blandest of the three Sprite Remix installments.

The scent of the drink is very fruity and bubbly, and it possesses Remix’s trademark “Burp Factor,” but it’s just not a standout drink. I actually would have hoped for more of an orange flavor; that would have been unique. Instead, it seems like we got a toned-down fruit punch. Aruba Jam takes a lot like the original Sprite with just the slightest of aftertaste differentiating the drink.

Overall, a disappointing outing for the Sprite Remix franchise. I don’t expect Aruba Jam to do very well, especially given that the name describes no flavor whatsoever.