Review: Sierra Mist Free

Back in November 2004, Pepsi announced that they were following Coke’s footsteps in renaming their diet lemon lime product. Whereas Coke changed Diet Sprite to Diet Sprite Zero, Pepsi morphed Diet Sierra Mist into Sierra Mist Free. Apparently, the word “diet” is evil these days.

Sierra Mist Free

New name; same taste

There was no change to the formula itself, just the name and packaging. And even the packaging modifications were pretty minor. Gone is the red word “Diet”. The word “Free” is added at the end using the same font as the rest of the logo. If you didn’t look carefully, and didn’t know that regular Sierra Mist has a dark green label, you might be confused with the new “Free” version.

Diet Sierra Mist

Goodbye to “Diet”

Also interesting is how the product is now described. Old Diet Sierra Mist was labeled as a “Zero Calorie Lemon-Lime Soda,” with “Caffeine Free” being proclaimed in a slightly smaller font. The new Sierra Mist Free is labeled as “Diet Lemon-Lime Calorie Free Soda,” with subbranding of “Sugar Free. Calorie Free. Caffeine Free.” Obviously, there is a “free” motif going on there. It’s also interesting that the word “diet” did make its way back onto the label, even with the same red font, just in a very small typeface.

How do they taste? C’mon, they’re diet drinks. They taste like crap.