Review: Pepsi One

Pepsi One has been around since 1998 as Pepsi’s “other” diet beverage, originally sweetened with a combination of aspertame and acesulfame potassium (also known as Ace-K). It was marketed at a more male audience that didn’t want to be associated with diet drinks. But frankly, it still was a diet drink and it still tasted bad.

Pepsi One - Previous 1998 design

Previous 1998 design

Then in March 2005, Pepsi announced that they were relaunching Pepsi One, this time around using Splenda as the primary sweetener. Just like the original formula, however, it features just one calorie per serving. I tasted both the old and new versions in a side-by-side taste test. My findings? The new version sucks worse than the old version… and the old version sucked.

Pepsi One - New 2005 design

New 2005 design

On the plus side, however, the packaging took on a nice redesign. Now featuring a distinctly silver and black appearance that almost feels like it’s trying to market some sort of Star Wars-type toy. The font used for the word “ONE” has also been changed to something a tad more modern-looking. The darker background on the packaging also makes it easier to read the lettering.

Overall, thumbs up on the packaging. Thumbs down on the drink.