Coming Soon: Mountain Dew X

Not too long ago, a link started traveling around the Web to signup for a beta test of “Mountain Dew X”, whatever that is supposed to be.

Mountain Dew X

Nothing on the signup page really described if this was a new drink or some other type of viral promotion. It may be a completely new product designed to head-off Coke’s new citrus drink, Vault. Or it could be tied to another marketing plan, such as the launch of the Xbox360 in December. Who knows?

Mountain Dew X - Sign Up

As it turns out, one of these “beta test” cans has already shown up on eBay. You can’t really learn much by just viewing the can. The labeling reads “MOUNTAIN DEW X” and “VARIENT NO. 516 + POWER PACK”.

Mountain Dew X - Prototype Can

On the top of the can, it’s labeled “+POWER PACK: Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine, Maltodextrin, D-Ribose”

Mountain Dew X - Prototype Can

Mountain Dew X - Prototype Can

So, is this Dew with some added “energy drink” stuff? Who knows.

Apparently, the following text was used when the link was first e-mailed to folks. It seems to imply that this is a new drink and that the original beta audience was gamers:


We’re developing a new beverage here at Mountain Dew and we’re inviting you and a select group of other gaming experts to participate in a beta test.

Right now, the working name for the product is Mountain Dew X [variant 516]. It’s not available to the general public, but we’re going to hook you up.

We want to send you a beta version of the test product so that we can get your input on Mountain Dew X [variant 516]. You’ll be helping us optimize the product formula. Maybe you’ll even come up with a cool name for it.

If you want to give us a hand, please follow the link below to the Dew website and find out how to receive your beta product. We know you’re slammed getting ready for E3, but it’ll only take a second.

As you may have heard, Mountain Dew is the Official Soft Drink of E3. You’ll see us there!

Thanks for your help.

The Mountain Dew Team

Please do not punt this e-mail to anyone – you’ve been individually selected to receive this message.

If I ever get a can of the stuff, you can be sure I’ll be reviewing it!