Discontinued: dnL

It looks like the end of the line for 7Up‘s dnL spinoff. It’s being discontinued, per the folks at BevNet.com:

DNP for 7UP’s dnL
Company will focus on 7UP Plus, instead

dnL, a caffeinated version of 7UP that the company started selling in 2002 to compete with energy drinks, won’t last the year. The company has announced it will discontinue it for 2006.

dnL - Official Image

“That was a product launch that just didn’t really align with what the consumer expected 7UP to be,” said Gil Cassagne, president and CEO of Cadbury Schweppes America’s Beverages.

The company recently launched 7UP Plus, a vitamin-fortified, low-calorie soft drink and is considering formulations that would reduce the calorie content even further.

The launch of the green, caffeinated dnL — 7UP upside down — was in direct contrast to the company’s original “uncola” proposition, according to Cassagne.