Review: Door County Cherry Cider Cooler

Back in the early 1990′s, my wife and I were involved in various bike trips up and down the Door County peninsula in Wisconsin. During those adventures, I often picked up a beverage labeled under the brand “Door County Cooler”. These would be natural drinks with cherry and/or apple flavors, with a little bit of carbonation thrown in for pizazz. Door County cherries are pretty popular.

Door County Cherry Cider Cooler

However, over time, I found that Door County Cooler was no longer available. Fortunately, a company called Cherryland’s Best started producing a similar juice product using Door County cherries (but bottled in Appleton, WI). After a recent trip up to the peninsula, my mom hoped to track down a few bottles but was unsuccessful. She couldn’t find it anywhere. Ironically, she finally did discover this Door County Cherry Cider Cooler, not in Wisconsin, but in the historic town of Long Grove, IL. How odd is that?

We really liked this beverage, especially as it was chilled on a hot summer day. The cherry flavor is quite strong, and by strong, I mean, well, strong! There is plenty of sweetness, which was no doubt added to make the drink more desirable. And the “bubbly” texture made it a fun item to guzzle.

Would we recommend picking up a bottle of Door County Cherry Cider Cooler the next time you are up that way? You bet!