Review: Mountain Dew MDX

Having previously discussed the details of new Mountain Dew MDX, I was finally able to track down a bottle. Ironically, it was during a trip through Wisconsin. I guess that state is good for something.

Mountain Dew MDX

Basically, this drink is Mountain Dew on steroids. It’s the basic drink combined with maltodextrin, ginseng, taurine, d-ribose, and guarana, creating some sort of marketable “Power Pack” brand thingy. Oh, and the caffeine level is boosted from 4.5 mg of caffeine per ounce to 5.875 mg per ounce (just like Vault). And you pay more per ounce, as MDX is 14 oz., whereas drinks typically come in 20 oz. bottles these days.

The bottle is very cool to hold. Nice shape. Sort of feels like Coke’s old glass bottles with the way it curves to fit in your hand. However, the logo on the packaging is a little too busy for my tastes. It’s hard to make out the “Mountain Dew” branding and the “MDX” logo gets lost in the metallic swooshes.

Upon opening the drink, it smells like Dew. That’s a good sign. And after drinking that first sip, it actually tastes like regular Mountain Dew, probably more so than AMP does. The aftertaste is a little softer, almost like something is coating it (probably all those goofy additives). So, in the end, you pretty much have the same Dew with more caffeine for a higher price.

And it makes you use the bathroom quicker. I can verify that!