Review: Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005)

Did you think we were done with the Jones Soda reviews? No way! We've got a couple more to round out all those Holiday Packs. As you will recall, we've taken a look at Turkey & Gravy, Pumpkin Pie, Wild Herb Stuffing, Smoked Salmon Paté, and Turkey & Gravy for a second time. Next on the list was Brussels Sprout Soda!

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005)

Jones Brussels Sprout Soda

Now this flavor came with the National Holiday Pack available at Target (the first Turkey & Gravy and the Wild Herb Stuffing also arrived with this selection).

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005)

This family would not like this product

The label on this bottle featured a happy family standing around a snowman with their skis, probably after an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, Jones Brussels Sprout Soda is not an enjoyable experience.

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005)

Grab some wine and enjoy!

Like the other sodas in the National version of the Holiday Pack, this entry comes with a wine suggestion to complement the "unique flavors" found within. The wine list recommends a Columbia Crest Chardonnay, Vintage 1999. "This Northwest wine carries flavors of apple, pear, tropical fruit, vanilla, and finishes with a sweet spice. A perfect accompaniment to our vegetable side, Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto Soda." (That's the first time I've seen "Prosciutto" mentioned with this drink; it's not on the label).

At our last Festive Film Friday open house of the season, we shared this drink with our friends in attendance. Personally, I about gagged on this drink. To me, it was right up there in badness as Turkey & Gravy… but not quite. Uniquely, it tasted very buttery. Not expected at all. But when you try to guzzle carbonated butter soda sweetened with Splenda and packed with 260mg of salt, something is not going to go right. Resulting in my personal reaction…

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005) - Taste Test

Steve pretty much gags on the drink

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005) - Taste Test

Mary and John notice the butter flavor

Jones Soda Brussels Sprout Soda (2005) - Taste Test

Melissa isn't quite sure what to think!

I don't even like brussels sprouts normally. My distaste grew after drinking this beverage.


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