Review: Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

I’m not quite sure what to call this pop flavor. Coke Black Cherry Vanilla or Black Cherry Vanilla Coke? This isn’t the only identity issue with this new drink. It’s just not very good.

Coke Black Cherry Vanilla

Announced back in November at the same time Coke discontinued Vanilla Coke. One look at the packaging of Coke Black Cherry Vanilla and you realize that they really didn’t put much thought into this product. The labeling is so bland. It looks just like a normal bottle of Coke.

I realize that Coke is trying to put all of their flavored items under the ‘Coke umbrella’ rather than the ‘flavor umbrella’ (similar to what they’ve done with Diet Coke), but this just doesn’t work. The company seems creatively dead on so many fronts with this release. No wonder Coke is getting their butt kicked by Pepsi these days.

As for the drink itself, it’s mostly Coke. There is a sweet scent upon opening the cap, perhaps a little sweeter than typically associated with Coke. The taste was weak, in general. There was a slight hint of the vanilla, but Amy and I couldn’t really find the black cherry element. Frankly, we were a little disappointed.

Pass on this drink. It’s a bad idea, poorly marketed, and unimpressive.