Coming Soon: Jones Soda Love Potion #6 (2006)

Those goofs at Jones Soda are at it again, but this time, the beverage looks kinda tasty:

Jones Soda Love Potion #6

Jones Soda Love Potion #6

Jones Soda Valentine Pack
Think back on all the other Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve tried. Are you still nibbling on the chocolates? Heck, can you even remember what you gave for last Valentine’s Day? This year, give the gift that your loved ones are sure to remember and enjoy.

Love Coupons, including one for FREE MyJones:
Includes valuable offers such as “1 Hour of Extended Spooning” and “1 Magical Argument Ender.”

THE BEST COUPON: Included in the Love Coupon book is a coupon for 2 FREE bottles of MyJones personalized sodas, for later redemption on the website. There’s no easier way to ensure that your picture gets on a bottle, we guarantee it!

Music Sampler CD:
Select “your” song from the romantic tunes of Aqualung, the Fray, and Goapele.

Love Potion #6:
Tart and sweet – just like love, this soda is sure to leave a tingle on your tongue.

Love Potion Lip Balm:
Lip balm that just may be tastier than your loved one’s lips.