Review: Fanta Pomaranczowa

Fanta Pomarańczowa

It’s a Polish soda review! Fanta Pomaranczowa has a wonderful flavor, which was more mild when compared to a typical American orange soda like Fanta Orange, Orange Slice, Orange Crush, or even Mountain Dew LiveWire.

Review: 7Up Plus – Cherry

7Up Plus: Cherry

Splenda-sweetened version of Cherry 7Up. One of the better entries in the 7Up Plus lineup, but that’s not saying much.

Review: 7Up Plus – Island Fruit

7Up Plus: Island Fruit

An orange-inspired 7Up flavor, hampered by the use of sucralose as the primary sweetener. Not bad, not great.

Review: Jones Soda Cranberry Soda (2005)

Jones Soda Cranberry Soda (2005)

National Holiday Pack soda review: “The color was a non-offensive dark red. The scent was fresh and berry-like. Could it really be as bad as the others? It tasted like cough syrup.”

Jones Soda Pecan Pie Soda (2005)

Jones Soda Pecan Pie Soda (2005)

Regional Holiday Pack soft drink: “If you ever find yourself having pancakes some morning and are looking for a little carbonation to start your day, Jones Pecan Pie Soda is the way to go!”

Review: Jones Soda Corn On The Cob Soda (2005)

Jones Soda Corn On The Cob Soda (2005)

Regional Holiday Pack beverage review: “Instead of tasting like a nice pat of butter on top of a freshly picked stalk of corn, the resemblance was more to microwave caramel corn!”

Review: Jones Soda Broccoli Casserole Soda (2005)

Jones Soda Broccoli Casserole Soda (2005)

Regional Holiday Pack soda review: “It didn’t taste like broccoli or a casserole at all! Instead, it tasted ‘maple-y’, like syrup. Go figure. I’m not sure I wanted to find out why.”