Review: 7Up Plus – Island Fruit

Back when I reviewed 7Up Plus in September 2004, I was pretty harsh. I think that was rightly so, because the drink was pure evil. I believe I said that “if you could take the word ‘rancid’ and turn it into a flavor, it would probably taste just like 7Up Plus.” Ouch.

7Up Plus - Island Fruit

7Up Plus – Island Fruit

Well, it turns out that that drink, now known as 7Up Plus: Mixed Berry, was only the first of 3 flavors in the 7Up Plus franchise. Since then, Cadbury Schweppes has released two new flavors: Island Fruit and Cherry. I thought I would try the Island Fruit version.

Like the original, 7Up Plus Island Fruit is loaded with calcium, vitamin C, fruit juice, and Splenda. Of course, being 7Up, it doesn’t have any caffeine either. Of interest is that it features 5% apple juice, which is pretty odd of a mainstream beverage here in the States.

The drink itself has a pleasant orange color, typical of what you’d expect from orange drinks such as Fanta Orange, Orange Slice, and Orange Crush. Upon opening, it had a nice Kool-Aid-like smell, similar to McDonald’s Orange Drink.

The flavor wasn’t actually too bad, much to my surprise. It was tons better than 7Up Plus: Mixed Berry. Of course, it still has the negative Splenda aftertaste. The taste is fake, much like what you’d find in Fanta Orange… but not as orange. It was more refreshing. The fizzyness was pretty right-on, providing an ideal amount of carbonation.

If this wasn’t a diet soft drink, it wouldn’t be too bad!