Review: 7Up Plus – Cherry

Rounding out our reviews of 7Up Plus, we’ve already touched on the original Mixed Berry flavor and the new Island Fruit edition. That leaves us with 7Up Plus: Cherry!

7Up Plus - Cherry

7Up Plus – Cherry

The Cherry flavor was released at the same time as Island Fruit as an obvious line extension for 7Up. In some markets, 7Up Plus: Cherry is replacing Diet Cherry 7Up, probably moving in favor of Splenda over aspartame. The color and appearance of the new drink is very similar to Cherry 7Up, which is a personal favorite of mine. The smell is even similar, if only a bit weaker than the original.

Like all the other flavors of 7Up Plus, this drink has 5% apple juice to go along with the calcium, vitamin C, and Splenda. Yum yum! The taste is actually weaker than Cherry 7Up, leaning more on the dull side rather than the “hey, don’t you know I’m cherry!” side of things. And if you love that lovely Splenda aftertaste, this drink is for you.

I think I probably like Island Fruit better than Cherry, but that’s not saying much. They are still diet drinks, which I’m just not a fan of partaking in on a regular basis. However, Cherry is better than the original Mixed Berry, so maybe they are doing something right. Unfortunately, with Coke and Pepsi pretty much killing 7Up’s market share, I doubt many people will be exposed to this drink.