Review: Fanta Lemonic

After tasting Polish Fanta Orange, officially known as Fanta Pomarańczowa, Amy and I tested the other current Fanta flavor from Poland: Fanta Lemonic. It probably can be compared to the U.S. Fanta Citrus, which used to be known as Citra.

Fanta Lemonic

Like Fanta Pomarańczowa, Fanta Lemonic comes in a uniquely shaped bottle. Lemonic’s bottle is tinted green, whereas Pomarańczowa‘s bottle is clear. I think the tinting enabled the yellow-colored beverage to appear more lemon-lime-y on the shelf.

Fanta Lemonic

Another Fanta from Poland!

The beverage itself had a rich dark yellow color. Not see-through like you’d assume with a Kool-Aid version of lemonade. Rather, it was dark with a tad of green in the hue. It created the appearance of having body. The initial smell upon opening the cap was very similar to lemon juice.

Fanta Lemonic

This stuff was awesome

While you’d expect this drink to taste somewhat like lemonade, it didn’t. Rather, it had a very pleasant lemon-lime taste, with an emphasis on the lime. We both enjoyed it very much. Fanta Lemonic has a bitter citrusy finish which, according to Amy, was “kinda nice.” Overall, we overwhelmingly liked Fanta Lemonic and probably will be picking it up again the next time we are at the store!