Review: Jones Blue Bubble Gum Soda

Jones Soda doesn’t have a good reputation around our household. It’s not that the stuff isn’t good. It’s just that our only experience with the brand was via their National and Regional Holiday Packs. We hoped to change that feeling as we tried Jones Blue Bubble Gum Soda.

Jones Blue Bubble Gum Soda

After all, after you’ve had such ghastly drinks such as Turkey & Gravy, Brussels Sprout, Cranberry, Wild Herb Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Turkey & Gravy (again), Broccoli Casserole, Smoked Salmon Paté, Corn On The Cob, and Pecan Pie Sodas… well, what do you expect us to think of the Jones brand?

We’re happy to report that Jones Blue Bubble Gum Soda is actually very good. The color is very, very blue, somewhat within the same hue as the very-missed Pepsi Blue. As is typical with Jones’ beverages, the label is unique. This one featured what appeared to be a condensation pattern on a table left by a glass… that just happened to form a smiley face!

Upon opening the drink, the scent was very similar to cream soda, believe it or not. Definitely not what we expected there. The drink was pretty close in taste to bubble gum. I thought about all that yucky PAL gum you used to get around Halloween. Amy was reminded of Carefree gum. There was a lot of similarity to cream soda as well. The aftertaste reminded us of the white powdery residue you typically find when you first open a stick of gum.

Overall, the taste was very good, yet different from most sodas featured today. Sweetening is done by high fructose corn syrup, but it did the trick. This flavor is recommended for something different and refreshing, but probably not an everyday beverage.