Review: Sprite Zero

2 years, 3 names. That’s the story behind Sprite Zero. “Hi, we’re Coke… we are clueless marketing people!”

Sprite Zero

Back in fall 2004, Coke rebranded “Diet Sprite” as “Diet Sprite Zero“. We had a complete review here on Well, they’ve rebranded it again… this time simply as “Sprite Zero”.

Diet Sprite Zero

Diet Sprite Zero packaging

In fact, per my last review, I sort of predicted this on October 24, 2004…

Some have asked why Coke went with such an awkward name as “Diet Sprite Zero.” Well, it’s my opinion that this is the first phase in an advertising campaign that will result in this beverage eventually being known as “Sprite Zero”. Note that the bottle logo shows the “Diet Sprite” portion and the “Zero” portion as very distinct and not very integrated. In a year or so, look for the “Diet Sprite” logo to simply disappear and the marketing to emphasize the “Zero”. This is not unprecedented, either. Coke already uses the “Sprite Zero” brand in other countries, like in Argentina, where they just relaunched “Sprite Light” as “Sprite Zero.”

Diet Sprite

Diet Sprite packaging

The renaming of Diet Sprite Zero plays into the relaunch of the Sprite brand, with a new logo and new packaging, playing up some sort of S-shaped lemon-lime logo thingy. It’s a very sharp design… if they would have actually changed the font used for the word “Sprite” as well. It looks incredibly dated next to the revised design elements. So close, but so far.

Anyway, the drink is the same. Only the name has changed. Enjoy, if you like such things. Personally, I can’t stand the taste.