Update: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Not really a soft drink review, but more of a marketing update, we talk about how the packaging of Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper has been updated to reflect the new look found in the rest of the line.

Review: Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

Lemon Drop Dead Soda was pretty good. Not outstanding, but not bad either. “We anticipated more of a lemon flavor; it was weaker when we actually drank it,” noted the beverage review.

Coming Soon: Jones Soda Halloween 2006

Jones Soda Halloween 2006 - Cans

Jones Soda releases both cans and bottles of unique Halloween flavors for 2006. Flavors include Berried Alive, Spider Cider, Gruesome Grape, Candy Corn, Lemon Drop Dead, Creepy Cranberry, and Monster Mojito.

Review: Rosa’s Horchata (Original Flavor)

Rosa's Horchata (Original Flavor)

Real horchata is made of rice milk and flavored with cinnamon and/or vanilla. In this beverage review of the original flavor of Rosa’s Horchata, we discover that you can replicate the real thing pretty closely.