Review: Rosa’s Horchata (Original Flavor)

Here’s a different beverage you might want to try: Rosa’s Horchata. If you enjoy Mexican food, you might already know what horchata is.

Rosa’s Horchata (Original Flavor)

My wife, who is a social worker, spent a summer a few years back working with kids in the Chicago’s Spanish-speaking La Villita (South Lawndale) neighborhood. She was first introduced to horchata during that experience. Made of rice milk and flavored with cinnamon and/or vanilla, this is the perfect beverage to drink with a Mexican meal. It can help to tame your tongue after eating spicy foods. She has purchased powdered versions of this drink that just involve adding water or milk. However, it has never been as good as the horchata drinks she had at Mexican restaurants.

So, how does this bottled version — Rosa’s Horchata — compare, you ask? Well, we have to admit that it was as close as it could come to the real thing. The bottled drink was a little thicker in texture and a bit sweeter than the horchata experienced at Mexican restaurants. But, it is a great alternative to the real thing when you want a horchata fix.