Coming Soon: Jones Soda Halloween 2006

Over the years, we’ve spent some time here on talking about the wacky, holiday flavors produced by those goofballs at Jones Soda Co. We’re approaching Halloween time now, which means new flavors being added to their drink empire.

Jones Soda Halloween 2006 - Cans

Halloween Cans 2006

They’ve released a whole bunch of new Halloween-oriented drinks for 2006. This follows up their first foray into Halloween flavors back in 2005. Last year Jones offered 4 flavors — Candy Corn, Caramel Apple, Scary Berry Lemonade, & Strawberry S’lime — that were available exclusively at Target in 8 oz. cans.

I’m happy to report that I’m on the case for Halloween 2006, as Jones once again has rolled out some special flavors for the holiday. This year, they have released 4 flavors in cans exclusively at Target (sold in 4 packs), as well as 3 other flavors in bottles (also sold in 4 packs). That’s 7 new flavors to scare you into Jones goodness! :)

Here’s a look at the cans:

Jones Soda Gruesome Grape (2006)

Gruesome Grape – 2006

Jones Soda Spider Cider (2006)

Spider Cider – 2006

Jones Soda Berried Alive (2006)

Berried Alive – 2006

Jones Soda Candy Corn (2006)

Candy Corn – 2006

And don’t forget the new bottled flavors:

Jones Soda Halloween 2006 - Bottles

Halloween Bottles 2006

Jones Soda Creepy Cranberry (2006)

Creepy Cranberry – 2006

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead (2006)

Lemon Drop Dead – 2006

Jones Soda Monster Mojito (2006)

Monster Mojito – 2006

Stay tuned as we take a look at each of these flavors!