Review: Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

After testing the 4 Target-exclusive cans found in the Jones Soda Halloween 2006 collection (Berried Alive, Spider Cider, Gruesome Grape, and Candy Corn), it was time to move on to the 3 bottled flavors offered during this scary holiday season.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

While Jones has done special Halloween cans in both 2005 and 2006, this year is the first time they have actually offered ghoulish flavors in their traditional bottle form. For 2006, three flavors were created, each available in a 4-pack.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006) - Box

4-pack Bottle Packaging – One Side

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006) - Box

4-pack Bottle Packaging – The Other Side

As is the tradition for all Jones Soda, there is odd photography on the front of both the bottles themselves and also the packaging. Typically, these are photos that are submitted to Jones by the public. The Halloween bottled collection is no exception.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

Vomiting Pumpkins!

The first bottled flavor Amy and I tested was Lemon Drop Dead Soda. This arrived in the traditional Jones 12 oz. bottle, sold in a carton of 4. Like the previously-reviewed Halloween cans, I purchased these at Target -– though I’m not sure they are exclusive to that retailer.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

Black & White photo on bottle

Our packaging had 2 different photos on it, with the bottles containing 3 different designs as well. I’ve included each of those in this review for your viewing enjoyment. Or maybe because I’m just crazy. Who knows?

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

This cat is evil!

The label is orange with black piping/highlighting, featuring both color and black/white photos on the bottles. The back of each bottle features the following message (also available in PDF):

Even though you’re too old to dress up like a superhero and ask strangers for candy, you’ll never really outgrow Halloween. That’s why the Mad Scientists at Jones Soda brewed up this tasty potion. Drink it straight, or mix it up – either way it’ll do the trick. Treat yourself, and run with the little ghoul.

Unlike the Holiday Pack collections of last year, all the Halloween bottles are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, not sucralose.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

This was the first bottle we sampled

As far as taste, Lemon Drop Dead Soda was pretty good. Not outstanding, but not bad either. We anticipated more of a lemon flavor; it was weaker when we actually drank it. I thought it kinda smelled like cold lemon-lime flavored Airborne (yes, the stuff you take for colds); Amy disagreed.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2006)

I would never give these kids candy!

Instead, she came up with a good parallel: It was like drinking Sprite, but instead of the flavor being lemon/lime, it was mostly lemon. It probably could also be compared to the Polish Fanta Lemonic or the U.S.-based Fanta Citrus. It probably would also be pretty good mixed with something… but since I don’t really drink alcoholic stuff much, I don’t know what that means. Heck, add it to a punch bowl with some rainbow sherbet and it would rock!