Review: Jones Soda Berried Alive Soda (2006)

The first flavor featured in the Jones Soda Halloween 2006 collection is Berried Alive, “a creepy treat by the folks at Jones.” This is the first of four flavors that are exclusively available at Target… and only in 8 oz. cans.

Jones Soda Berried Alive Soda (2006)

The cans all have simulated carved pumpkin faces on them; Berried Alive features a black, light blue, and orange color scheme. As expected from the name, Berried Alive had a berry flavor, though from what I’ve read, it’s not the same as last year’s Scary Berry Lemonade. The new beverage looks and smells a lot of Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which of course you can only find at Taco Bell. The color of the Jones version is a bit more… nuclear in intensity.

Overall, it tasted like candy. Sour candy, with a sweet aftertaste. My wife Amy commented that the aftertaste was actually a lot like the flavor of cotton candy. It tasted pretty good and we’d drink it again without question. Plus, how can you not love the ingenious name of “Berried Alive”. That’s clever! :)