Review: Jones Soda Spider Cider Soda (2006)

The second flavor Amy and I taste tested in the Jones Soda Halloween 2006 collection was Spider Cider. Again, this was contained in a 8 oz. can only available via 4-packs from Target.

Jones Soda Spider Cider Soda (2006)

Unlike the first flavor we tested, Berried Alive, Spider Cider arrived in an orange can, highlighted with a pumpkin face featuring mustard yellow and green-aqua colors. It may be the same as last year’s Caramel Apple flavor.

The smell was somewhat apple juice-y, but not authentically so. The taste, however, was not authentic at all. It pretty much had the flavor of those “just add water” apple cider mixes, with a little carbonation thrown in. It was rather disgusting.

Not recommended at all. :(