Review: Jones Soda Gruesome Grape Soda (2006)

Moving on to the purple can in the Jones Soda Halloween 2006 collection, Amy and I tried Gruesome Grape. Yup, as the two flavors we tried before, this is only available from Target in 8 oz. cans.

Jones Soda Gruesome Grape Soda (2006)

The color scheme of this can is purple, with a smiling Halloween face cutout accented by lime green and orange. The scent… pretty much a very berry grape. I don’t believe this flavor is a rerun from last year.

Overall, the taste was extremely sweet, much stronger than Fanta Grape. It has a strong “artificial” flavor. While that might not be good for an everyday-type of soda, for this limited edition special, it wasn’t too bad. I doubt this mixes well with food, however.

Like the previously-reviewed Berried Alive flavor, the taste was surprising in that it wasn’t gross. Just very candy-like in sweetness and strength.

Pretty good, but not great.