Review: Jones Soda Candy Corn Soda (2006)

The final flavor in the Target-exclusive canned Jones Soda Halloween 2006 collection is Candy Corn, a rerun from last year’s collection.

Jones Soda Candy Corn Soda (2006)

This beverage, available in 8 oz. cans sold in 4-packs, comes packaged in a black can, with a Halloween face made from yellow and orange colors. It looks like the identical can from last year.

As far as taste, this was utterly disgusting. Maybe not on the level as some of the Jones Holiday Pack flavors, but not very good at all. The color was a very deep, but bright, yellow… Amy described it as “dirty urine.” Given that she has social worker experience administering drug tests, I’m going to take her word on that.

There really wasn’t a scent or taste that was similar to candy corn. It just was a sweet, bad tasting drink. Beyond the samples we had, this did not lead itself to something we wanted to drink more of over time. We stopped and dumped the rest down the drain. Definitely the worst of the canned Jones Halloween beverages.

Amazingly bad. :(