Coming Soon: Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2006

Jones Soda Candy Cane Soda (2006) - Box

For Holiday 2006, Jones Soda released 13 specialty flavors of drinks. Our beverage reviews begin with breaking down the Holiday Pack, Dessert Pack, and the new 4-Packs of unique tastes.

Review: Mountain Dew MDX 20 oz.

Mountain Dew MDX 20 oz.

Same taste as previous Mountain Dew MDX packaging. “I don’t think MDX has a chance. It has had virtually no marketing behind it aside from the launch and has very little buzz,” predicts the beverage review.

Review: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash 2006-08

The drink starts out well, with a cherry flavor, with the aftertaste sharing a more pronounced cranberry / lemon-lime combination. The beverage review proclaims “I think I liked this drink better than normal Sierra Mist, which is saying a lot.”

Review: Route Beer 66

Route Beer 66

This specialty root beer was pretty bland. Noted the soda review, “beyond the nifty bottle and bad pun on the Route 66 name, this root beer isn’t much to write home about… or in this case, drive home about.”