Review: Route Beer 66

During our recent Motoring Illinois’ Route 66 trip, Amy and I found a unique brand of root beer to taste test: Route Beer 66.

Route Beer 66

The beverage was found at a number of locations along the Mother Road. We picked up a couple of bottles at the Cozy Dog Drive In. It’s actually bottled under the authority of the Route 66 Soda & Bottling Company found in Wilmington, IL (a town we also had visited, as it sits on Route 66). The slogan on the bottle proclaims “Get Your Kicks With Route 66 Beer”. Of course, we heeded the mention on the back that “this is a highly collectible item. Treat with due respect. Thanks, Route Beer Larry.” We have no clue who Larry is, but whatever.

Overall, the flavor was pretty… bland. I’d probably put it a shade above Pepsi’s Mug (which I consider the worst “big name” root beer), maybe as good as Cadbury Schweppes’ A&W. Not as good as Coke’s Barq’s (I like root beer with bite!) It just was pretty uneventful. We expected something a bit more. So beyond the nifty bottle and bad pun on the Route 66 name, this root beer isn’t much to write home about… or in this case, drive home about. :P