Review: Jones Soda Cherry Pie Soda (2006)

Do you like the taste of grenadine? Because that’s what Jones Cherry Pie Soda tastes like!

Jones Soda Cherry Pie Soda (2006)

Jones Cherry Pie Soda

During our Overview of the Jones Soda Holiday collection of beverages, we noted that there were 3 different releases of flavors this year, accounting for 13 holiday flavors in all. 5 flavors were tied to the traditionally foul-tasting Holiday Pack, 3 flavors were sold as traditional 4-Packs of product, and finally 5 flavors were sold as part of a boxed Dessert Pack. Cherry Pie Soda is the first flavor we’ve tested from the Dessert Pack, and overall, it’s not too bad.

Our positive feelings started when the CEO of Jones Soda mentioned in a press release that the Dessert Pack “may be more palatable than you might think. The Jones Soda Dessert Pack includes five great tasting soda flavors… Unlike the traditional Jones Holiday Pack, these are really great tasting sodas that have a true fresh baked pie flavor.” We think he’s very correct in that statement. Heck, can you really go wrong if the picture on the label actually represents the product inside? How often does that happen with a Jones Soda product?

Jones Soda Cherry Pie Soda (2006)

The label actually defines the flavor!

I’m guessing that Aaron Bigglesworth of Yeehaw Junction, Florida, is excited to have his photo featured on the bottle. In case you were wondering, the town was originally named “Jackass Junction” back in the 1930s, when local ranchers rode on burros to visit a local brothel. The name was changed in 1957 when the Florida Turnpike was constructed through the community.

Cherry Pie Soda features a very strong red coloring and a pleasant berry smell. Upon tasting, you’ll discover that you might actually want more. The flavor is very syrupy, almost too much. There’s a feeling that it might taste like medicine (like last year’s Cranberry Soda), but without the yucky bitterness found in cough syrup, you’d probably be wrong. The flavor approach seems to be more on par with Jones non-holiday Blue Bubble Gum Soda flavor.

Jones Soda Cherry Pie Soda (2006) - Taste Test

Renee found it peculiar-tasting

The taste of Cherry Pie Soda is almost too strong. It could almost be confused with carbonated grenadine. I like grenadine, as I often request for restaurants to make me a Cherry Pepsi on the spot, but in this case, that flavor by itself might be overdoing it. Less syrup flavor or more carbonation might solve that problem. Basically, what your dealing with here is a melted cherry popsicle. It’s not bad and even somewhat pleasant, but I’m not sure if one could drink a whole bottle or if it would go well with food.

One final thing I should mention. While all the sodas in Jones Holiday Pack are sweetened with sucralose (such as the recently-reviewed Jones Sweet Potato Soda), the bottles in both the 4-Packs and the Dessert Packs use traditional high fructose corn syrup, which perhaps adds to the palatability of these flavors.

Good concept, a bit too strong on the flavor.